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Year / Type
2015 / VideoAlien InvasionWatch Alien Invasion
 on YouTube
Alien Invasion
2012/ mp3
(A Soap Rock Opera)
The Soundtrack

 2007 / Maxi CD
The News
The News / TV Spreaks / Friends
2000 / CD
Tracks from TV
Come Alive / World of Dreams / Black Hole
1995 / MC
(Demo) Untitled
Save my World / Breath Away / World Of Dreams
No cover
1994 / Video
Kiss A Bride
Kiss a bride
real hi  (18mb) real lo (6,5mb)
1994 / CD
Kiss A Bride

Kiss A Bride / Give Your Smile To Me /
If You Know What Love Is / Don't Go / Rock Me /
Here Comes The Night / I Believe / Loneley /
Still The Onley Heart / Friends

1988 / MC
(Demo) Untitled
City Lights / Brasilian Girl / Song To You / Little Queen
1986 / MC

(Demo) Untitled

Fathers Words / Pleasure Machine
No cover

Demo 1988





Kiss a bride 1994

Kiss a bride 1994

The video of the title track has only been shown to friends or family members. Nevertheless we want to say thanks for this experience to all of the people involved! The video was recorded in black and white on super 8 film.
It took three days to shoot it in about five different locations in and around Hamburg. Not one of the staff took money for it and they gave up a lot of their time to get the best result.

Producer: Henrike Wöbking
Director: Kai Wessel
Director of photography: Hagen Bogdanski
Cast: Johannes Brandrup and more

Tracks from TV 2000


Maxi CD
The News



"TV (A Soap Rock Opera)" 
is probably the most ambitious project JACKBOX has ever worked on.
The Soundtrack wich has been released first contains 11 of the main songs.

The Musical wich will be released soon contains besides the (slightly differing) main songs additional tracks with musik and dialouge. 
And it will provide the full story of Timmy the poor TV addict.

Now we want to thank our two guest musicans who helped us with this album.

Sabrina Scharrenberg
who really did a great job performing backing vocals.

Raimund Burke
for his awesome outro solo on Black Hole

Thanks a lot!

Read more about it soon!

Alien Invasion

Thomas Zeug the Munich movie maker was looking for a Rockband to provide a title track for his animated movie "Quiqueck & Hämat Proll Out". A film that looks as good as famous Hollywood movies.
By accident he found Jackbox's hompage and after making the first contact it was crystal clear
"We want to build a Death Star!..."

"We are goning to write you a song!"
No sooner said than done! The outcome of this relationship was the song Alien Invasion which was well received by the film audience.
music video also reaches more and more viewers on YouTube.
Thanks to Thomas for this opportunity!
Copyright 2005