Here are actual pics and below you'll find a little History

Andreas Pelzer
Stefan Kirch
Jörg "Josh" Holstein
Rainer Holstein
Alexander Benedix
Fotos by Thorsten Berndt

Band profile (pdf)



Fall 1986
The German Metalhammer magazine declares a ‘Battle of the Bands’.

Three musicians from two different bands spontaneously get the idea
to record two songs under classified conditions using the name "Spontaneous".

Jörg Holstein (Git/Voc), Andrej Neubauer (Drums) and Andreas Pelzer (Git)
book an 8-track studio for two days and produce a demo cassette.

They enjoy the work together enormously and decide to stay in that formation.

A bass player is still needed and Rainer Holstein joins the band a few days later.
From now on the band is called "JACKBOX".

PS: For those of you who are interested - we didn’t win!

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